Thursday, 19 July 2007

Getting ready for the Jamboree...

Well I am not packed yet and still have a few things to buy.

I am travelling down to Highlands Park on Sunday with my friend Laura from Edinburgh.

We should be on site just after lunch. I think I have covered everything but am bound to get as far as Birmingham and remember something vital.

The Buddha is being delivered on the 23rd, so just have to get that from the other end of the Jamboree site to the "Faith and Belief Zone" . It's only 6 foot tall and weighs half a tonne, so no problems there.

The WBSB team are all sorted out now ( I hope), so we have:

  • Prof Yongyudh Vajaradul - Thailand

  • Siriporn Poempool - Thailand

  • Donkeithsiri Wijendra - Singapore

  • Ven Gankhuyag Magsarjav - Mongolia

I also have some IST from the UK working in the Buddhist area:

  • Brian Mouat

  • Emma Pitman

  • Mike McLafferty

There will be others and hopefully I can get Richard Perry on the team.

Just got to create 400 Zimbabwe badge presentation packs - no worries!

I remember this thing called sleep... haven't seen it a lot lately

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